Business Partners:

Solmade Studio

Jennifer Smith specializes in helping businesses that are new or a few years into business go to the next level through brand design, packaging, and web design. Most of her new clients have been DIYing their branding before working with a professional, or they’re serious about launching with dialed-in branding from Day 1. She has worked with clients in the food, wellness, fitness, fashion and beauty industries. Her clients say that confidence and clarity they gain by having a professionally-designed brand propels them into scaling up their businesses. Some clients increase their revenue by 10x in the year after they rebranded!

Contact: Jennifer Smith
Solmade Studio
Office: (562) 972-0270


Moquin Press

Moquin Press is a print and packaging manufacturer serving the Bay Area for over 35 years. Our goal is to help our clients fulfill the ever-changing needs of their consumers through high-quality solutions that bring value to our customers.

From our humble beginnings in a Redwood City garage, Moquin Press vision has been to become a worldwide leader in packaging manufacturing by producing the most sustainable and innovative label and packaging solutions.

Moquin Press evolved from a small, family-run print shop into a full-service print and packaging partner focused on innovation, corporate sustainability, quality, and reliability.

Contact: Tony Navarra
Estimating / Business Development

555 Harbor Boulevard
Belmont, CA 94002
Office: (650) 592-0575
Cell: (650) 465-8606


Global Brand Development

We empower our people, our clients, and our customers to achieve their fullest potential. We do business differently, and that is how we remain an industry leader, keep our clients happy, and grow their brands across the globe. We’ll show you our process so you can get an in-depth understanding of how we are building a Global Solution with our Domestic and Export services.

How We Get Results

  • We streamline your efficiencies and logistics for each of the diverse channels we touch with only one relationship.
  • We have a complete understanding of retailer formats, go to market strategizes and store clustering agendas.
  • Our sales plans are developed to identify realistic objectives for retail targets nationwide and internationally.
  • We execute all necessary start up and alignment activities needed at retailer and distributor level.
Jeffrey R. Ten
Phone: 909 319 7065

Global Brand and Export Development

The Label Link

What We Do:

  • Established in 2003, The Label Link provides & manages your brand’s Custom Labels and Flexible Packaging printed products for the food & beverage, personal care and supplement industries.
  • We serve the Natural Product Brands Market & offer Sustainable Packaging Solutions.
  • We help clients achieve color consistency across their brand, while communicating their stories & passion through the look and feel of their products.


We serve established brands – with an average of 10-250 SKUs with:

  • Product line consistency & cost containment reviews
  • Prototyping, Short Run Digital and variable-imprint, recycled stocks, long-run combos. foils, specialty finishes & textures, booklets & more.
  • Custom labels, pouches, stick-packs and shrink sleeves
  • Our team oversees the entire process so your team can focus on your operations.

 More than just a packaging printer.  We are Your “Link” Resource  for:

  • Label & Flexible Packaging materials & designs
  • Natural Product Industry market changes
  • Collaborative Partnerships and packaging supply chain sources
  • Labeling Compliance updates
  • Label troubleshooting for functional & beautiful decorating solutions
  • Sustainable labeling and flexible packaging options.
Contact: Rosalyn Stewart
Phone: 323-707-5051

Visage Pro Consulting

The Visage Pro Story – The story began in 2006 when the Founder, Sherrie Berry was in a backyard explosion that burned her face. Back then, Sherrie dabbled in nutritional supplement formulation, but the accident caused her to adjust her path.  She ended up creating a skin care product to help burn recovery.

Fourteen years later, with an extensive portofilio under their belt, Sherrie and her partner, Shannon Valencia are privileged to connect with many clients every day in assisting them with creating and branding exceptional skincare products with turnkey, successful results – products that are showcased on the shelves of top cosmetic retailers.

Visage Pro is French for Face Pro, but it’s more than just the face.  Sherrie and Shannon are experts in face, bath and body products. They inspire, create and nurture – one skincare brand at a time, offering the most effective products possible, with the most attractive packaging. Shannon’s spearheading the opening of the Aveda Lifestyle Stores, and creating and implementing a consistent growth strategy for Steiner Corp is just a glimpse of the services Visage Pro has been able to offer.

Their goal is to offer products and advice regarding branding and marketing that speak to your vibe, your vision, whether it be all-organic, sustainable, OTC or clinically-tried formulations. Since that fateful day in 2006, Visage Pro has helped over 120 brands create their products – and packaging – that draw customers and promote their businesses.

Contact: Sherrie Berry
Phone: 877-754-6769

Schilleci & Tortorici

Mr. Schilleci Jr. has represented numerous dietary supplement and food manufacturers, producers, and distributors across the nation for all of my legal career.  In this regard, he has worked with clients to develop regulatory compliance strategies, as well as, to assist the clients with respect to matters involving product labeling, advertising, GMPs, and formulation, among other things, including providing legal opinions and analysis related thereto. He has been involved in litigation with both the FDA and the FTC in relation to his representation of members of the dietary supplement industry, as well as representing clients in litigation related to contractual issues with suppliers/vendors and product liability matters.   As an aside, his firm was recently named the 2020 Legal Awards winner for Best Food & Nutrition Product Regulatory Compliance Specialists – USA.

His firm offers the best of both worlds in regard to legal representation of o clients.  He offers highly qualified, cost-effective representation designed for representation of clients in the dietary supplement industry in the 21st Century.  His normal hourly rate is $250. The main office is in Birmingham, Alabama, and they also maintain an office in Los Angeles due to the nature of the clients who are nationwide from New Jersey to Florida to Texas to Utah to California and Nevada and all points in between ranging from small to large in size in terms of sales volume.   They are able to do this by use of extensive use of cloud based technology, virtual meetings and video conferences, in addition to live meetings.

Contact: Joseph “Jody” Schilleci, Jr.
Phone: (205) 978-4211

Pacific Packaging Components, Inc 

Pacific Packaging Components, (PPC, Inc) is a leading supplier of innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient rigid packaging to the beauty, personal care, and nutraceutical industries.  Founded in 1970 and based in Los Angeles, PPC is a privately held distributor offering excellent customer service, industry expertise, and sustainable packaging options. Simply put, packaging can be stressful. We’re here to make it easy 

  • Member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition
  • Member of the National Association of Container Distributors 
  • Specializes in recycled and sustainable packaging components 

I am firm believer in building respectful long-term relationship with my customers. I pride myself on fixing problems, responsiveness and giving great customer service. Whether you are creating your first product or launching a new line, please feel free to reach out with any packaging questions 

 We look forward to hearing from you! 

Contact: Jason Peterkin
13462 Brooks Drive
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Phone: (626)813-6166
IG: @ppcpackaging 


Buzz Beauté – Brand Commercialization

Bring your brand to market via sales and marketing initiatives.

BUZZ BEAUTÉ is a company that competently guides beauty and fashion brands through the obstacles of commercialization by efficiently using resources to achieve your goals and vision. We offer a suite of marketing and sales services including go-to-market asset development and execution, distribution, brokering, strategic planning and project management. With over 30 years in the industry, we have a track record of success, know-how, and experience to get your brand into the market.

Our hive of industry professionals allows us to customize and efficiently offer:

  • Product Development including packaging and formulation
  • Marketing Services such as campaigns, assets, communication, and PR
  • Sales and Distribution including trainings, strategy and channel/geography expansion

At BUZZ BEAUTÉ we deliver your brand to the market!

Denise Dente
Phone: 858-829-7441
Jessica Quick
Phone: 760-212-0440

Erika Lynn Campbell_extweblink

Erika Lynne Campbell – Copywriter for Beauty and Grooming

Let’s make “forever” customers

  • We’ll talk about your company’s hopes, dreams, and goals. I’ll crawl around inside the mind of your ideal customer and create a message to hook, mesmerize, and convert. That means more profits…
  • Together we’ll discover your brands exclusive space and give your customers what they want…so you keep ’em coming back.
  • The beauty industry is super saturated…let’s get more traffic to your website. I’ll tell your story with such a compelling angle, visitors will keep looking. They’ll become your customers and spend their hard-earned cash with you…again and again.
  • Include your audience and gives them opportunities to share what they love about your brand. Engage them with creative content and you’ll get “forever” customers. They’ll share their awesome experience, keep coming back and bring friends.
Contact: Erika Lynne Campbell
Copywriter for Beauty and Grooming
Office: (470) 323-4022
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Erika Lynn Campbell_extweblink

PartnerImage_RRDonnelleyDLSWorldwideRR Donnelley’s – DLS Worldwide

As a part of RR Donnelley Logistics, we strive to employ and develop best practices with our own internal and external (client) freight handling. Delivering National and Regional Logistic Solutions – With over 112 stations strategically placed across the U.S. we understand your business because we are there!

You will discover that doing business with DLS Worldwide means more than just moving freight – It’s a partnership built on trust and years of industry experience. Make the call today and begin experiencing the RR Donnelley difference.

  • Only contract with dependable carriers
  • Demand same quality service and delivery from our vendors as you do
  • Expect quality service
  • Ship billions of pounds of freight annually
  • Leverage our volume to secure rates that are competitive & pass the savings on to you
Contact: Scott Wynn – Agent for RR Donnelley’s DLS Worldwide /(MOD)Modesto, CA Station
Address: 1209 Woodrow Ave.#A6 Modesto, CA 95350VIEW POWERPOINT PRESENTATION >>
Office: (209) 815-9619
Cell: (909) 229-6110
Fax: (209) 857-5180

PartnerImage_NancysPassionsNANCY’S PASSIONS®

Nancy’s Passions® is a Limited Liability Company that is a cosmetic umbrella, encompassing many creative avenues and manufacturing, where colored beauty products is one of our passions.  Reborn in the latter portion of 2014, it services both the natural trade and mainstream cosmetic categories for color. Clients include boutique celebrity lines, masstige to high-end prestige lines.  Products range in terms of applications.  The heart of color at this lab is Nancy herself. She is known for her out of the box thinking and approaches. Her eclectic skills and diverse Fine Arts & Science backgrounds, allow her to create color like no other.

In-house services range from turn-key private label items with flexible minimums, to R&D color projects, custom formulation sales and manufacturing of sticks, pressed makeup, liquids, gels, hair color, professional grade applications or salon grade applications. We believe in the European work ethic of creating lasting business relationships.  This combination allows our problem solving and color product formulations to come from a very fresh, trendy, new school, kind of style.  We also have experience working with several continents and countries, along with their regulations and multicultural differences.  Languages spoken: French & English.

Contact: John Tedeschi
Phone: (949) 734-4197
Email: nancy@nancyspassions.combtn_extweblink

PartnerImage_JTAssociatesJ Tedeschi & Associates LLC

Trusted Advisors & Solution Providers for the Global Supply Chain

We are an independent consulting firm specializing in Quality, Regulatory, Product Integrity and Compliance activities serving as extensions of our client’s own resources. The industry focus is cosmetics, personal care, nonprescription O-T-C drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices and home fragrance. No matter the size of our clients, we own the role as “trusted advisor” driving excellence and protecting the reputational capital of our business partners. The objective is to mitigate risks by allowing our partners to take risks and not allow them to be placed at risk.

Experience is our key resource having worked at L’Oreal, L-Brands, Laura Mercier, Revive      Skin Care and Perricone MD. Trade association experience having been the Chairman of the PCPC Safety & Regulatory Toxicology Committee and Chairman of the CSPA Air Care Committee also serving on CSPA Board of Directors. John can be reached at (614) 216-2976 or

Contact: John Tedeschi
Phone: (614) 216-2976


link_BodiologyOffering the finest cold pressed oils, All Natural Always — Nut Free, we off the best massage oil prices in the Industry without compromising our products.  We never test on animals and all of our containers can be recycled.

Mission Statement: “Our goal is not only to be a Business of Success but also a Business of Value”

Contact: Kim M. Anderson
Phone: (951) 760-1708

IPG Beauty

Toni Abbruzzese and Jason Carmichael offer a combined 35+ years of varied experience in all areas of consumer product development. Their unique career responsibilities have allowed them to enjoy unusually diverse creative opportunities from which they acquired extensive insight and knowledge of the marketing, development, and sales of unparalleled and highly regarded products.

Toni and Jason navigate clients through all stages of new product development from concept to launch and ensure all elements work cohesively for smooth project flow and timely marketplace inception. Working with a global network of partners, IPG Beauty’s focus includes: product ideation, contract manufacturing strategies, package development, sourcing, brand positioning and messaging, clinical and safety testing, regulatory compliance, cost analysis, risk assessment, project management, and operational logistics.

Contact: Toni Abbruzzese
Phone: (949) 394-0907

PartnerImage_IDRProductionsKelly Burke’s IDR Productions, LLC

We are experts in direct response television production (DRTV), infomercials, broadcast commercials and digital video marketing that yield immediate sales with 20+ years of doing so under our belt.

We’re friendly and knowledgeable about long form and short form infomercials and integrated direct response advertising. We’re happy to discuss your needs.

Contact:  Kelly Burke
Phone: (949) 273-4511

PartnerImage_FormulatorSampleShopFORMULATOR SAMPLE SHOP

Formulator Sample Shop® is a supplier of specialty ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries.

Introducing: PhytoScents, Natural Botanical Scented Extract Oils, Leucidal Liquid Line, Emulsifying Wax, Extracts, Oils, Powders

Contact:  Maggie Ghanem
Phone: +1(704) 276-7099


Since 1984, Professional Image, Inc. has specialized in high-end folding carton packaging and print for many industries including personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gourmet foods and more.

With customer service and quality being our top priorities, we work closely with our clients in everything from product image and market trends to timeline and budget.

Contact:  Amanda Baker
Phone: (800) 722-8550

DAY Brand & Product Development

Providing creative services to help you communicate your message, sell your products and build your brand presence

I offer scalable, customized solutions to support all businesses. Specializing in marketing and design solutions for retail, industrial, and manufacturing industries

Contact:  Graham P Day
Phone: (562) 221-9340

Vantage Packaging, Inc.

We are a full service packaging distributor located in Southern California and have been in business for 20 years. We specialize in plastic and glass packaging for the  cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.   We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service, quality packaging at competitive pricing.   Some of the packaging items we supply are bottles, caps, jars, tubes, airless bottles and tubes, eye droppers, treatment pumps, lotion pumps and foamers.   We work with approximately 75 factories in the U.S., Italy, China, Taiwan and Korea so if it’s out there we can usually find it.   With minimum orders as low as 5,000 pieces on many items we are able to help the newer companies get started with custom packaging rather than bland generic packaging.

Contact:  Roger Taff
Phone: (951) 696-4950

MikeNVoLaw Offices of Mike N. Vo

Mike N. Vo is a partner at The Law Offices of Mike N. Vo headquartered in the heart of Orange County, California. With over 12 years of legal experience and hands-on management of a family owned manufacturing business, Mike understands the everyday challenges of small business owners. He works with start-up businesses and established businesses to grow their company and stay out of court. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Mike sits on the board of a local non-profit and volunteers his time helping the professional fingernail industry.

Contact: Mike N. Vo
15355 Brookhurst St., Suite 202
Westminster, CA 92683
Phone: (714) 455-9076

Savvy Brands partner

Post_SavvyBrandsBE A SAVVY BRAND PARTNER! Do you have a product you’d love to share with a very Savvy community? Is it fabulous, stylish, and functional? Does it solve problems big and small? If so, they want to hear from you!

  1. Email  your submission
    Include product images, description, price point and sample video footage or other marketing materials on your product.
  2. Send a sample to: Savvy Brands Partner
    Attention Michele
    21520 Yorba Linda Blvd. Suite #G434  Yorba Linda, CA 92887

All product submissions are reviewed and tested by their product team. When they find a product they love, they love it so much we can’t wait to share! They hope to be sharing your product too! Please note: we are unable to return samples without proper paperwork; should you require the sample be returned, please arrange for pickup.

Contact: Michele
21520 Yorba Linda Blvd. Suite #G434
Yorba Linda, CA 92887

John Yeatman Insurance

JOHN YEATMAN INSURANCE: FREE information and enrollment assistance for health plans on or off the exchange for yourself or employees.  I specialize in individual/family and tax-free plans for employees of small businesses (without a group plan!).   No fees as all services offered are compensated by the insurance companies. So, there’s some good news…NO CHARGE to use an advocate by your side you can trust.  Licensed in California to assist all residents in-person or remotely.

Contact: John Yeatman
4254 S Tropico Drive
La Mesa, CA 91941-6876
Website: LinkedIn Profile
Phone: (619) 469-1420

1st Century Bank

PartnerImage_BenSaulsonBen Saulson is a business banker based in Los Angeles at 1st Century Bank. He is focused on providing exceptional service and a community banking relationship to a strong and diversified base of clients that include professional services firms, real estate investors, family–owned and closely held businesses, entertainment professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Contact: Ben Saulson
Business Development Officer
1875 Century Park East #1400
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: (310) 270-9500
Direct: (310) 270-9593

Nathalie Schlemer


  • Nathalie brings in-depth experience driving high performance products from initial concept stage to final launch for some of the biggest brands in beauty and wellness.
  • An expert in product innovation, lifecycle and launch mapping, she leads start-ups into double digit growth with award winning launches.
  • She has a proven track record in building fast-trac k portfolios in line with brand’s DNA, budget and timeline.


  • R&D
    • Concept
    • Ingredient sourcing and validation
    • Fragrance design
    • Brand guidelines
    • R&D management
  • Manufacturing
    • Sourcing
    • Contract negotiation
    • Orders and forecast
    • Project management
  • Packaging
    • Design
    • Concept
    • Sourcing
    • Testing
      Order managementn
  • Marketing
    • Trend and competitive
    • Brand presentation
    • Product communication and claims
Contact: Nathalie Schlemer Email:

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