What is the quality of the ingredients you source?

 Many of our vendors have been in the raw material supply business for decades and even hundreds of years.  We work with both domestic and international suppliers from all over the world.  These companies provide data and literature showing evidence of the benefits to support claims for which these ingredients are intended.   We also aim to please our customers’ preferences when formulating, therefore if a product’s target cost is lower we will search for ingredients that may be less expensive, rare, or “high-quality.”

Where are you ingredients sourced from?

Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world.  Many raw ingredients are very exotic and different regions are known to provide the best available in each category.   Some raw materials are so unique they are only available in one part of the world, such as a mineral found in a river in Spain, or an extract derived from a moss that only grows in Switzerland.   Other ingredients are more generic, and sourcing them locally is the best cost-efficient strategy.

What ingredients do you use that offer superior attributes relating to absorption rate, bioavailability, etc?

We use cosmetic “active” ingredients, but you can not make claims about absorption rate and bioavailability for cosmetics, only pharmaceutical drugs. Are all of your ingredients organic?   The use of Certified Organic ingredients is often the customer’s preference, as it directly relates to target cost of product.  We choose to tailor our products to meet the customer’s needs.  Some choose must-have ingredients by current trends in the beauty industry, and must-excludes based on the projected distribution channel as some retailers have banned certain ingredients.

Are any or all of your ingredients responsibly sourced?

Yes, we use responsibility sourced raw materials whenever they are available.

What testing procedures do you use for products?

We measure all established specifications for a product such as pH, viscosity, specific gravity, color, odor, appearance and microbiology.  We can also conduct 30, 60, or 90-Day Stability testing and CBD assay for an additional charge.

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